CBA 350 / 450 – Business Analytics

Business Analytics plus Business Intelligence = Business Metrics

The 21st century belongs to those who can think and act based on sound business intelligence. It is no longer good enough to make business decisions, no matter what the field, based on little more than feelings or gut reactions to events. Consumer product companies, insurance companies, banks, governments, and even sports teams are turning to analytics to improve their bottom line and assure their survivability in this age of hyper-competition.

Business intelligence is information acquired that enables and supports an improved and timely decision process. Business analytics is the process of generating and delivering that information.

This course focuses on the business analytics process that integrates data sourcing and management to provide meaningful information. A strategic approach to business intelligence metrics and information is incorporated.

1.4 CEUs

Key Topics

  • Provide a guide to what is meant by the Analytical Age
  • Develop the ability to make an information strategy
  • Learn business analytics as a holistic information discipline (combination of IT technologies, human competencies, and organizational processes)
  • Develop a strategically based metrics dashboard
  • Explore the different types of dashboards
  • Examine good and bad dashboard designs
  • Discuss and understand business analytics concepts, definitions and terminology

 Tuition  $750

Materials Fee $50


Three Days: Monday - Wednesday, 8:30 am - 4 pm

Fall Session
Oct 17 - Oct 19, 2016 

Spring Session
Apr 3 - Apr 5, 2017  

Online, Anytime