CBM 117 – Coaching Employees

Transform your Management Skills

Through applied coaching strategies managers can help their staff reach a higher level of effectiveness, engagement and productivity.

This course will teach managers general principles for coaching effectiveness, how coaching is linked to motivation and engagement theories; practical strategies for engaging the coaching process; and will review experiential case examples to increase managers competency in coaching. Learn and understand the seven steps of effective coaching and how you can transform your management skills to become a coaching manager.

1.8 CEUs

Key Topics

  • What is coaching
  • The ROI of coaching
  • Understanding why managers need coaching skills in their tool box
  • The role of coaching in engagement
  • Understanding motivation theories and the impact of coaching on motivation
  • Understanding who can benefit from coaching
  • When is coaching most and least effective
  • Understanding typical coaching strategies for development
  • Understanding the role of personality, values, mind set, and emotions
  • Seven steps of effective coaching
  • Seven habits of highly effective managers

Upon completion, you will possess a deeper understanding of the coaching process.

Tuition  $699


Tuesday, 6 pm - 9 pm

Spring Session  
May 23 - Jun 27, 2017