CBM 135 – Emotional Intelligence

Develop Your People Skills

We all have different personalities, different wants and needs, and different ways of showing our emotions. Navigating through this takes tact and cleverness – especially if we hope to succeed in life. This is where emotional intelligence becomes important.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they're telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you. Emotional intelligence also involves your perception of others: when you understand how they feel you manage relationships more effectively.  People with high emotional intelligence are usually successful in most things they do because they're the ones others want on their team.

This course will provide managers and future managers with a working understanding of the fundamentals of emotional intelligence, its role, and contribution to the success of an organization.

1.8 CEUs

Key Topics

  • Emotional and social competence
  • Emotional intelligence domains and associated competencies
  • Emotional competence inventory
  • The science behind emotional intelligence and emotional awareness
  • Self-regulation, self-control, achievement drive, commitment, initiative, and optimism
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration, team cooperation, group IQ
  • Generalization divide, emotional intelligence skills and age comparison

Tuition $699


Tuesday, 6 pm - 9 pm

Fall Session  
Nov 08 - Dec 13, 2016