CBM 403 – Essential Financial Concepts

Fundamentals of Finance for the Non-financial Manager

Are you prepared to help manage your company’s financial future? Do you
understand how your departmental budget fits into the big picture? Can you read
your company’s financial statements and offer insight that contributes more
to the bottom line?

While many organizations rely on their Finance Department (CFO and/or
Controller) to keep their finances in order, it is important that managers be
well versed in the basics of finance. Making profit and loss decisions requires
a solid grasp of budgeting, cash efficiency, and financial statements.

Successful managers understand that finance is the language of business, and
they have developed a degree of financial competence that allows them to
make informed, intelligent management decisions and effectively communicate
them. Using visual tools, mini-case studies, and real life examples, this course
will give you a working knowledge of what the numbers are really saying and
the ability to speak confidently about matters of finance.

1.8 CEUs

Key Topics

  • Basic concepts, terminology
  • Key financial reports and how they relate to each other
  • Balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash-flows
  • Planning and budgeting for success
  • Measurement and analysis
  • Communicating results
  • Fraud and ethics

Tuition  $699



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