CBM 436 – Leadership Power and Presence

Build Your Circle of Influence

Most people are familiar with the term “power” but do not know how much power affects personal and professional interaction.

In this dynamic class, participants will learn how power works and how to practically apply it in everyday situations. You will also learn how to enhance your own charisma, improve your ability to communicate persuasively and boost your credibility with others. You will discover ways to build your circle of influence and to manage your presence with those around you. Dealing with the challenges presented by organizational politics will also be discussed.

1.8 CEUs

Key Topics

  • Explore the nature of power and the forms it can take in personal and professional settings
  • Learn to become a more persuasive communicator and a person of action through the effective use of charisma
  • Develop ethical strategies to build a circle of influence with others
  • Recognize how impression management can impact your presence and credibility
  • Master the challenges of organizational politics to achieve greater visibility and standing with those in power

Tuition $699


Online, Anytime