CBM 437 – Fundamentals of Project Management

Project Management Primer

Project Management Fundamentals teaches to the basics of project management and introduces the theory and core methodology necessary to understand and participate on a project team. You will learn how to plan and manage a project initiative to stakeholder needs and expectations.

Working through case studies with real-world scenarios, you will interact with fellow students to learn and apply the methodologies and good practices of formal project management. 1.8 CEUs

Key Topics

  • Create a Work Breakdown Sturcture describing your project
  • Identify key stakeholders and develop plans for engagement
  • Create a schedule with activities, duration, and interdependencies
  • Delineate, assign, and accumulate resources and costs of the project
  • Identify, assess and plan for the mitigation of the project's risks
  • Establish ground rules for team communications
  • Identify the important project metrics to be captured, measured, and analyzed
  • Relate project management methodology to project life cycles
  • Understand behaviors and communications in a project environment

Tuition $699


Online, Anytime