MS 402 – Microsoft® Excel Basics

Design Basic Spreadsheets

Learn all the basics in crunching numbers and maintaining lists in the world’s most popular and dynamic electronic spreadsheet program

CEUs 0.6

Key Topic

  • Design, format, save and print spreadsheets, using formulas for adding, averaging, tracking, and summarizing
  • Navigation and keyboard shortcuts
  • Text, number, and date shortcuts
  • Total columns, rows
  • Keep running totals
  • AutoSum, Auto Calculate
  • Manual math formulas
  • Use of cell references with formulas
  • Copy formulas (fill handle)
  • Hide columns, rows; protect worksheets
  • Cut, copy, paste
  • Delete/Insert rows and columns
  • AutoCorrect
  • Print options (orientation, margins, gridlines, headers/footers)
  • Create charts to illustrate your spreadsheets; revise and format charts
  • Create, sort and filter lists
  • Apply formatting options, including conditional formatting
  • Create electronic comments, custom views
  • Apply graphics to emphasize important points

Included in the course are helpful handouts filled with shortcuts, step-by-step instructions and tips.

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