MS 403 – Microsoft® Excel Advanced

Design, Create, and Manage Advanced Spreadsheets

Learn how to apply complex mathematical functions and maintain databases. Knowledge of all basic Excel features is required.

CEUs 0.6

Key Topic

  • Review of entry and formula shortcuts
  • Learn financial, logical, lookup, and statistical formulas
  • Summary options
  • Absolute referencing
  • Link worksheets and workbooks
  • Nested IF statements; CountIF, SumIF, and WhatIF formulas
  • Create and maintain Databases (Pivot tables, Validation rules, Importing databases from other programs)
  • Text and database formulas (Trim, Proper, Concatenate, And, Or, True, etc.)
  • Data validation and consolidation methods
  • Advanced charting options
  • Apply conditional formatting options
  • Create date and time formulas
  • Create macros, templates; audit formulas and identify errors

Included in the course are helpful handouts filled with shortcuts, step-by-step instructions and tips.

Tuition $299


Online, Anytime