Tuition Assistance

Traditionally, tuition reimbursement requires that you pay for the course, submit proof of payment and upon successful completion of the course, typically a grade - you will receive your tuition reimbursement. Company policies differ and often require a specific process for qualifying and payment of tuition. Please contact us and we will assist you through the registration process.


EdLink is an organization that many employers use to administer their Tuition Reimbursement program for its employees. If your company is a member of EdLink, Bryant's Executive Development Center offers a discount on selected programs.

All of our programs are EdLink approved for tuition reimbursement.


EdAssist EdAssist™ is the leading provider of comprehensive managed education solutions whose clients represent a wide array of industries.

EdAssist™ helps organizations take a more strategic approach to tuition management. By treating tuition assistance as a strategic corporate investment rather than simply an employee benefit, their solution optimizes that investment for both employer and employee.


Edcor provides industry-leading tuition assistance and advisory services for client employees and their dependants. Edcor helps companies link their tuition assistance programs with their overall benefit and education strategies.


Training for Groups

We provide training onsite for groups. For more information, please contact Amy Grant at or 401-232-6203.