Corporate Training

Professional certificate programs customized to empower people and organizations to gain a competitive edge.

Executive Development Center

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Investing in professional development enables your company to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing work environments, decrease skill gaps, and build & grow your talent and leadership in a cost-effective manner.

We build educational training partnerships.

We understand many corporations have organizational development teams. In these cases, we offer adjunct training to internal team learning and development departments.

The Bryant Value

We understand the vast range of challenges organizations are facing today. So, when asked if the Bryant EDC can help, we turn to our College of Business, School of Health Sciences, and College of Arts and Sciences renowned faculty and subject matter experts to help us build and deliver solutions with the right instructor, with the appropriate experience and knowledge.

Our Process

We begin by listening. Our clients share their organizational goals and professional development needs as aligned with their unique goals. Once our team conducts its analysis and has a better understanding of the need, we get to work customizing a solution.

Through our own version of Design Thinking we brainstorm ideas with our Bryant faculty, subject matter experts and YOU, to develop the solution that best fits your needs and budget. The EDC works with organizations from large MNCs and Fortune 100 businesses to small and medium sized enterprises. We have also designed many programs for non-profits and state organizations.

Group Discounts

If you have a group of 5 or more interested in an open enrollment certificate program, we are happy to discuss a costs savings group discount.

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