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The Executive Development Center at Bryant University is dedicated to helping companies and individuals achieve their personal and professional goals. Our strategy is to meet the unique needs of the business community – including for-profit organizations, nonprofit agencies, and government entities – for continued enhancement and advancement of its workforce. We work with you to customize one of our existing programs or design a new one that meets your specific needs.

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We Show Our Commitment to Your Success Through Our Value Proposition:


Course content that aligns with current industry standards or recognized national certification bodies.


Courses are taught by subject matter experts with a focus on immediate business applicability and modern
adult learning methods.


Blending of academic skills and applied knowledge, using best business practice models in a highly interactive learning environment.


To ensure a maximum return on investment and to meet the strategic needs of companies and individuals,
we offer a blended consultative and academic framework to achieve the highest level of learning. Participants can complete a program and immediately apply their learning.

At your request, we can create an online version of your program(s) to host on our learning management system for future accessibility.

Let us help you and your company:

  • Provide flexible professional 
  • education and training across
  • business disciplines
  • Develop high-potential employees
  • Groom top managers for 
  • future leadership roles
  • Develop emerging leaders 
  • for succession planning 
  • Prepare to meet future business challenges and set strategies to move ahead of the competition


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Amy Grant 
Assistant Director
Phone: 401-232-6203