Corporate Training & Professional Development

Invest in Your Organization's Education!

The Executive Development Center is dedicated to helping organizations optimize their workforce. Investing in professional development enables your company to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing work environments, decrease employee skill gaps, and build & grow internal leadership in a cost-effective manner.

Our approach is to deliver professional development programs customized specifically to meet corporate strategic goals & plans.

The Benefits

  • Increases corporate production and cost efficiency
  • Improves workplace consistency
  • Drives employee investment in organizational mission & goals
  • Generates higher employee morale, work satisfaction and retention
  • Reduces employee skill gaps
  • Supports internal development of future leaders
  • Maximizes training budgets
  • Expands creativity and encourages idea participation
  • Flexible delivery locations and training schedules
  • Customized programs based on your specific requirements
  • Provides result-driven training solutions

The Process

We are here to help! We provide training needs assessments designed to guide you in determining the following:

  • Pinpoint specific issues, problems, training needs or strategic goals
  • Identify key topics/program(s) and instructors best suited to address your needs and achieve desired outcomes
  • Select the desired training location: on-site at your organization or on Bryant University’s Smithfield, Rhode Island campus
  • Establish a convenient delivery schedule
  • Deliver a customized solution within your corporate budget for your organization