Training Grants

For Organizations

An educated, productive workforce is one of the most powerful tools a state has for economic growth and stability. In recognition of this fact, many states have set aside a portion of money that companies can access in order to ensure their workforce development challenges are met.

The Executive Development Center at Bryant University can help you with the training grant writing process and to learn what is required to research, plan, prepare and write a training grant.

For more details or questions regarding awards, eligibility requirements, timelines, and the review process, contact us at .

For Individuals

Rhode Island and Massachusetts

The Workforce Investment Act

Unemployed or displaced RI workers may be eligible for training grants for up to $5,000.00. These grants are provided by the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training through the Workforce Investment Act. The Department of Labor and Training (DLT) has approved all of the Executive Development Center courses. Classes are available days, evening and selected classes are also available online within our new e-learning community. The process to determine eligibility begins with you contacting your netWORKri office. If you need more information or require assistance please call us at 401-232-6200 and one of our consultants can help guide you through the eligibility process.

Massachusetts also offers funding similar to RI designed specifically for those individuals who live in Massachusetts and want to attend our programs. Please call 401-232-6200 and ask for a consultant who can guide you through the Massachusetts eligibility process.