Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

Leadership development is a deliberate and conscious decision you make, regardless of your position or successes. Leadership is a continuous process. Successful Leaders need to be self-aware of their typical behavior and how they are perceived by others. They need to be able to control impulses and learn how to analyze situations in order to think “big picture” and long-term results, in order to initiate the correct actions at the right time and in the right situations. At the heart of the leadership journey is self-identity. Successful Leaders adapt a leadership identity that serves as a positive role model, including ethical values to guide behavior.

Bryant provides a 3-step path to Leadership Development.

Take the first step in your Leadership journey with Bryant’s track, or select the level that is right for you.

Level One: Emerging Leader
Bryant’s new “Emerging Leader Certificate” program is a fast-track curriculum that helps aspiring supervisors and managers learn the core skills needed to motivate, delegate, communicate, problem solve, and achieve results from their team.

Level Two: Leadership Mastery
This certificate program provides a comprehensive study of the senior leadership skills required today, providing the participants with an opportunity to examine those skills through a practical business lens. Key topics are rooted in business fundamentals supplemented with the best practices of some of today’s top leaders.

Level Three: Innovative Leadership Professional
Advance your career, learn contemporary business skills to enhance your
leadership abilities and prepare for future challenges and opportunities, by
earning your Innovative Leadership Professional Certificate from Bryant University’s Executive Development Center.

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