Basics of Agile & Scrum Effectiveness

Develop the skills to fast-track projects through Agile and Scrum methodologies, leveraging iterative processes to create smoother workflows.
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This course will educate participants in Agile and the Scrum methodologies of implementing Agile in their environment. Course participants will learn to implement this iterative methodology, which is frequently used in hardware and software development. Participants will have the opportunity to compare and contrast Agile & Scrum with the more conventionally used waterfall methodologies. Ultimately, this course will enable the attendee to not just understand the basics, but also the implementation and adoption of Agile. Both Agile & Scrum reduce time to market and the total cost of ownership while increasing product quality, employee engagement, and overall productivity.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify when, where, and how to best implement Agile & Scrum practices in software development.
  • Recognize the most effective contexts to use Agile and pitfalls to avoid.
  • Apply Agile & Scrum to implement change within teams and across organizational levels.
  • “Speak” the language of Agile by exploring Agile in depth.
  • Utilize Agile practices across a range of settings


This course is designed for individuals, professionals, and particularly project managers who are:

  • Relatively new to the Agile & Scrum methodologies
  • Seek to use iterative cycles and transformational approaches to optimize workflows


Course Format: Online, Self-Directed
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Tuition: $1995

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Anticipate 5-6 hours per week working through the 5-week program.


Discussion posts due on Mondays and all other deliverables due on Saturdays.

Getting Started

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Michael A. Collins, MS PMP, CSM

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Michael A. Collins, MS PMP, CSM

Michael is a self-starter with over 21 years of hands-on experience in leading digital software development of multiple products, CRM systems, PPM systems, and ERP software. He is also a fintech Integration expert. Michael's extensive experience in delivery frameworks focused on agile and waterfall development methodologies pair well with his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to handle daily ambiguity. His relative Agile coaching experience includes teaching, assessing, ensuring optimal performance for both existing and new Scrum-based Agile teams, and Dev Ops integration.