Foundation—NIST Cybersecurity Professional Certificate

Understand today’s cybersecurity challenges and how organizations implementing a NCSF program can mitigate these issues.
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The NCSP® Foundation Certificate course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity Risk Management, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF), and NIST Cybersecurity Continual Implementation & Improvement (CIIS) Management System. This APMG accredited one-day virtual instructor-led training course is based on NIST-CSF version 1.1 and is targeted at IT, Cybersecurity, Auditing, and Business professionals.

Utilizing the Framework as a cybersecurity risk management tool, an organization can determine activities that are most important to critical service delivery and prioritize expenditures to maximize the impact of the investment. The class includes lectures, informative supplemental reference materials, quizzes, and tests.


Outcomes and benefits from this class are a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

  • Understand the Cybersecurity challenges associated with digital services
  • Learn how the NIST-CSF can help mitigate these challenges
  • Sit for the NCSP® Foundation Certification Exam (NCSP)


For those who are interested in understanding the basics of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. There is no prerequisite course or knowledge base for this program.

This certification is especially useful to those who are IT and Business and Cyber Security professionals who will play an active or passive role in engineering, operationalizing and continually improving an organizations NIST-CSF program. Those looking for a baseline knowledge of the NIST-CSF and who are considering a career in cybersecurity are encouraged to enroll.

Course Format: Online, Self-Directed
This class is currently undergoing an update and will be available for registration on December 1. Contact us for more information.
Tuition: $695
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NCSP Foundation

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This course is accredited through APMG International.


Anticipate 4+ hours working through the program.

Getting Started

Begin your class on the Sunday following successful enrollment.

Patrick von Schlag

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Patrick von Schlag

Patrick von Schlag has worked in Information Technology business sectors for 30 years. He is President of Deep Creek Center, a leading best practice consulting and training organization. Mr. von Schlag is the global master instructor and delivery lead for the NCSP (NIST Cybersecurity Professional) program, as well as a sought-after consultant assisting organizations in adopting Agile disciplines in support of their digital transformation strategies.

Upon successful completion of the NIST Cybersecurity Professional Certificate, a voucher will be issued with a link to the online Certifying Exam. There is no additional cost to take the certifying exam, it is included in your course tuition.

  • Instructor lectures on professionally produced videos
  • Online printable courseware
  • Online printable checkpoint booklets
  • Online Module level Testing
  • Online Expert Mentoring
  • Online Sample Exams to prep for the certification exam