Infographics, Advanced Excel Visualization & Regression Analytics Certificate

Enhance the business intelligence process by turning data into comprehensible and persuasive presentations.

Learn everything you need to gain a framework for using data visualization.

To make data-driven decisions, first there must be data literacy: the ability to find, understand, analyze, and communicate data. Using vibrant and informative branded infographics both in print and digital, you will learn to communicate visually and engage audiences on social media, websites, and presentations. Plus, learn to analyze and illustrate datasets in a meaningful way through advanced excel visualization techniques.


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand data literacy for business decision making
  • Learn how to clean data for data analysis
  • Present data/infographic for social media and across the organization
  • Analyze correlation, causation and patterns using graphical or regression representation
  • Formulate a storytelling with advanced excel visualization/pivotable
  • Apply infographic/visualization best practices


For professionals who wish to make drive change through data-backed proposals, and those who wish to enhance their infographics and data visualization skills with a customized curriculum.

Course Format: Self-Paced Online
Schedule: Begin the Sunday following enrollment.
Tuition: $995
CEUs: 3.0
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Learn from an expert in the field with real-world consulting experience.

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All the knowledge you need to succeed in the rapidly changing workscape.


Expect to spend 6-7 hours per week working through interactive materials.

Ramesh Mohan

Ramesh Mohan faculty profile photo

Ramesh Mohan

Ramesh Mohan, Ph.D. is currently Professor of Economic Analytics and Visualization at Bryant University. Dr. Mohan is a consultant in the areas of Data Analysis/Visualization and International Business/Economics. He extensively uses Tableau, Powerbi, Alteryx, Google Data Studio, Infographics tools and real world consulting practices in his teaching. Apart from teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, Dr. Mohan has also published many empirical research papers in numerous peer-reviewed journals, and co-authored a Development Economics textbook supplement by Cambridge University Press. In addition, Professor Mohan is a Research Fellow at the Center for Global and Regional Economic Studies and has worked as a consultant in various capacities for several international organizations in the US, Asia and Europe. He has also written various online courses for Accenture to cater to Fortune 500 company executives.