Digital and Social Media Strategy

A comprehensive look at today’s digital business world, to enable you to build an executable digital strategy plan.
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Digital and social media skills are ever-evolving and are some of the most in-demand needs for an organization. The Executive Development Center’s Digital and Social Media Strategy Certificate provides a comprehensive and strategic look at today’s digital business environment. Participants will examine the key components of the web, how it functions, how to gain traction, learn how to leverage social media, and understand the role of search and “Big Data.”

Through microburst learning techniques and structured activities you practice the concepts by interacting with your boss, work colleagues and other specialists. The assignments in this course will give you an executable digital strategy plan that includes operational tactics, benchmarks for measurement, a reporting protocol, and a rationale for your choices.

Key Knowledge Areas

  • Define what digital marketing is, the channels within which it operates, and its role in marketing strategy.
  • Quantitatively evaluate strategies and tactics to inform marketing decisions and track marketing effectiveness.
  • Identify target audiences to create original digital content that meets organizational goals.
  • Evaluate performance in a marketing funnel and marketing automation tools in relation to business objectives.
  • Design and launch a digital marketing strategy to push potential customers through a conversion event.
Course Format: Online, Self-Directed
Begin your course on the first Sunday following enrollment.
Tuition: $1995

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Bryant Value


Anticipate 3 hours per week working through the 10-week program.


Discussion posts due on Mondays and all other deliverables due on Saturdays.

Getting Started

Begin your class on the Sunday following paid registration.

Sharmin Attaran

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Sharmin Attaran

Marketing professor with interests in social media and sustainability. Currently teaching consumer behavior, sustainability marketing and digital marketing strategies. Currently researching how sustainability is communicated in the supply chain using digital media. B.A. University of California Los Angeles; M.B.A. California State University Bakersfield; Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago.

This course consists of 10 weeks of guided learning, each comprising multimedia, interactive modules, curated readings, Monday Discussions, and Saturday Deliverables.

It is expected that you will spend approximately 3 hours per week working through these materials and assignments.

Begin your class on the Sunday following full enrollment. Program includes “Strategies for Success” course.

Our Strategies for Success course is the first step in your online educational journey. This is a one-week course that will familiarize you with our online learning system, to ensure when you begin your certificate program you are ready to learn and fully participate.