HR Essential Skills

Online, Self-Directed Program - HRM 500

Schedule: Online, Self-Directed
$799 / CEUs: 2.4

Begin your course on the first Sunday following enrollment.


High-Level Schedule and Milestones

This course consists of 5 weeks of guided learning, each comprising multimedia, interactive modules, curated readings, Monday Discussions, and Saturday Deliverables.

It is expected that you will spend approximately 4-5 hours per week working through these materials and assignments.

Description and Learning Outcomes

The topics we will cover in this class are emotional intelligence, developing positive relationships, personal branding, influencing others and managing difficult conversations. While there are many skills an HR professional will utilize throughout their career, these skills in particular are the key foundation of Human Resources.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and start using this skill to “read the room” and anticipate potential issues between people before they arise
  • Understand the importance positive relationships have on your career, including utilizing an empathetic style when dealing with people’s concerns
  • Use your personal brand to enhance approachability and relationship building
  • Use your influencing skills to steer others towards an outcome you desire that is beneficial to the organization or preserving positive employee relations
  • Have difficult conversations with others, while focusing on facts, outcomes and managing emotions

Strategies for Success

Our Strategies for Success course is the first step in your educational journey. This is a one week course that will familiarize you with our online learning system, to ensure when you begin your certificate program you are ready to learn and fully participate.

For more information, please contact a Program Manager today at or 401-232-6200.