Talent and Performance Management

Online, Self-Directed Program - HRM 507

Schedule: Online, Self-Directed
$799 / CEUs: 2.4

Begin your course on the first Sunday following enrollment.


High-Level Schedule and Milestones

This course consists of 5 weeks of guided learning, each comprising multimedia, interactive modules, curated readings, Monday Discussions, and Saturday Deliverables.

It is expected that you will spend approximately 4-5 hours per week working through these materials and assignments.

Description and Learning Outcomes

Talent and Performance Management play critical roles in the attraction, development and motivation of the top talent needed for your organization. The challenge of managing performance is a critical factor to organizational success. It is the process of ensuring that what people do at work supports the goals and values of the larger organization and contributes to the overall success of the organization. 

Human Resources Professionals and managers responsible for implementing or managing performance planning and management will benefit from this course. A comprehensive overview of the performance management process will be outlined with a dedicated focus on enhancing subject matter knowledge, skills, and translating them into a practical application and real-life scenarios. 

Key topics include organizational approaches to performance management and type of appraisal systems and programs; implementing and managing performance management program guides, systems, tools, and training; performance evaluation including planning, ongoing performance management, and writing the actual performance appraisal; linking performance and reward systems; and evaluating approaches and effectiveness. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Differentiate Talent vs.Performance Management, the goals of each, and where they fit into an Integrated Talent Management System
  • Create a performance management process that ensures an organization effectively monitors employee performance and understands its impact on organizational success
  • Describe how an organization’s core values serve as the foundation to create a culture of performance and employee engagement
  • Evaluate the importance of ongoing communication, feedback, and coaching

Strategies for Success

Our Strategies for Success course is the first step in your educational journey. This is a one week course that will familiarize you with our online learning system, to ensure when you begin your certificate program you are ready to learn and fully participate.

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