Innovative Healthcare Leadership Certificate Program

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Building on over 150 years of excellence in business education,  Bryant University announces our new Online Innovative Healthcare Leadership Certificate

Upcoming Schedule

1/07/19 - Design Thinking for Healthcare
2/18/19 - Healthcare Law
4/29/19 - Healthcare Ethics
7/08/19 - Healthcare Finance
9/16/19 - Innovative Practice Management

Program Overview:

The program will be delivered through the Executive Development Center and will consist of six courses, which can be completed in one year. The coursework is the equivalent of 16.5 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) or 11 Carnegie credits. The Innovative Healthcare Leadership Certificate aligns with the body of knowledge required for national certification exam that can lead to the MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) “fellow” designation.

Who Should Attend?

The Innovative Healthcare Leadership Certificate is designed for emerging and mid-level managers as well as administrators in the healthcare sector or related fields, who wish to advance their career and develop expertise in the business management and leadership of healthcare. The program is intended for healthcare providers, insurers, consumers, and healthcare product manufacturers and distributors, and is also valuable for professionals who support the health service industry, such as healthcare consultants, attorneys, and architects.

Program Description:

The Innovative Healthcare Leadership Certificate offers a cohort experience and is comprised of six online courses. 

  • Innovative Healthcare Leadership
  • Design Thinking for Healthcare
  • Healthcare Law
  • Healthcare Ethics
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Innovative Practice Management

This program can be completed in as little as one year or over several years, for optimum flexibility. Courses are taught by Bryant faculty, many of whom are also healthcare practitioners in their fields. A significant benefit of the curriculum is the ability to apply what is learned through a Healthcare Leadership Project (HLP). Students will have the opportunity to select their preferred project in the first required course, Innovative Healthcare Leadership, and continue to develop and refine their Healthcare Leadership Projects as they progress through the curriculum. Students will finalize their Healthcare Leadership Projects and submit the completed project as part of the Innovative Practice Management capstone course, which is comprised of several topics including  Healthcare Policy, Human Resources Management in Healthcare, Organizational Governance in Healthcare, Patient Centered Care, and APC Integration into Practice.

Healthcare Speaker Series:

A value-added component of the Innovative Healthcare Leadership Certificate is the opportunity for students to participate in the Healthcare Speaker Series. This series of talks by healthcare leaders covers a broad range of topics to enhance the certificate curriculum content. Sessions, held on the Bryant University campus, offer professional networking opportunities and are recorded for those students who are unable to attend.


Innovative Healthcare Leadership   3 CEUs   2 Carnegie Credit Equivalency 
Design Thinking for Healthcare  1.5 CEUs  1 Carnegie Credit Equivalency
Healthcare Law   3 CEUs  2 Carnegie Credit Equivalency
Healthcare Ethics  3 CEUs  2 Carnegie Credit Equivalency
Healthcare Finance  3 CEUs   2 Carnegie Credit Equivalency
Innovative Practice Management   3 CEUs   2 Carnegie Credit Equivalency