Mastering Advanced Leadership Skills

A comprehensive study of the advanced skills required today to become a dynamic, value-based senior leader.
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Today’s business environment requires leaders to go beyond what has worked in the past. Leaders need to be able to adapt quickly as conditions demand and be great problem-solvers. This program is built to be instantly applicable in the real world. To be our most effective, we need to understand ourselves: what our strengths are, how we learn and communicate; and the political environment within our organizations. Throughout this course, you will discover more about your own leadership strengths and how to apply them to their best advantage.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and facilitate value-based leadership within your world of work
  • Use learning styles to better work in teams and communicate with others
  • Identify success and failure in the workplace and develop a strategy to implement
  • Strategically develop and recognize networks
  • Lead as a mentor and craft a powerbase
  • Use data to improve business performance, identify trends, and set employee goals


This course is designed for high potential and mid-level managers ready for the next level of leadership, professionals seeking career advancement, and employees who have been targeted by their organizations for future leadership positions. Fully participating in the assignments in this course will give you a workable, executable framework for moving ahead in your career as a dynamic leader.

Course Format: Online, Self-Directed
Schedule: Begin your course on the first Sunday following enrollment.
Tuition: $1795

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Bryant Value


Five weeks of guided learning and interactive discussions. Expect approximately 6-hours per week of work.


Discussion posts due on Mondays and all other deliverables due on Saturdays.

Getting Started

Begin your class on the Sunday following successful enrollment.

Liz Ferenbach Walker

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Liz Ferenbach Walker

Elizabeth Ferenbach Walker has extensive experience in delivering custom training for corporate clients. A global management consultant, she has worked as a management trainer and instructional designer with much of her work focused on soft management skills including; improving communications, problem solving, change management, developing leadership skills, delegation and team building. She obtained her B.A. from Tufts University, Ed.M. from Harvard University, and an M.A. at Southampton University.

“Strategies for Success” is a one-week module that will familiarize you with our online learning system, to ensure when you begin your certificate program you are ready to learn and fully participate. Required for all first time Self-Paced Bryant University certificate learners.